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The cost of COVID

As the onset of the coronavirus pandemic wrought havoc around the world, Formula 1 had to get creative to survive. The financial and human cost has been heavy, but quick thinking and urgent action has allowed F1 and its stakeholders to bring the championship back from the brink of catastrophe…

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Cost of COVID
What effect has the coronavirus pandemic had on F1, its people and its financial health?

Best of the best
We analyse what exactly it is that makes certain Formula 1 drivers stand out from the crowd

Esteban Ocon
How he coped on his F1 return, plus the challenge to come

Mending Maranello
The challenges facing Ferrari as it plans a route back to the top

GP Racing Awards
Your votes are in and here we reveal the nine winners

Now That Was A Car
Built in secret, the 001 was the precursor to Tyrrell title success

Pictures of the Year
A selection of 2020’s best F1 images from our photographers

McLaren’s new investors
Who are they and what is the effect on McLaren’s finances?

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