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18 carat love affair

Daniel Ricciardo has found a new lease of life at McLaren – a move that’s been years in the making, as he explains to GP Racing…

“I’m so sorry”, grins Daniel Ricciardo – in fact, his signature 1000-watt smile is briefly all GP Racing can see of him as the rest of his body flickers out of view on screen, briefly replaced by a papaya-coloured board bedecked in sponsor logos. “I seem to keep morphing into the background here…”

The slightly surreal practicalities of speaking face-to-face with racing drivers during a pandemic have served up a neat visual metaphor here, so no need to call tech support just yet: Ricciardo is thoroughly embedded at McLaren, even though he’s only completed one race for the Woking equipe thus far. His dalliances with McLaren go way back, much earlier than his previous flirtings with signing up back in 2018; earlier, even, than his furtive acquisition of a McLaren 675 LT while he was still driving for Red Bull. More about the issue

Inside the issue

Daniel Ricciardo
Why Dan thinks this was the right time to move to McLaren

Trading places: the sequel
Who made the best start to 2021 with their new team?

Murray Walker
A personal tribute to the legend of Formula 1 commentary

Hamilton’s 2021 Contract
All parties seem happy, but why is it only a one-year deal?

George Russell interview
What he needs to do to stay on course for a seat at the top

Yuki Tsunoda
Red Bull and Honda rate him and we explain why

The history of Lotus
No going back: part 1 of our new series on Team Lotus

Now that was a car
The story of the controversial but successful Brabham BT46B

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