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Cover story

How to fix F1*

Featuring: Smaller cars, bigger engines, to DRS or not DRS?, ‘Goldilocks’ tyres, the Saturday question.

*Does it need to be fixed?

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Inside the issue

Drive to re-thrive
If Formula 1 does indeed need fixing, how best can it be done?

Now that was a car
The car that underlined Honda’s turbo cred, the Williams FW10

Sergio Pérez
Why 2023 went awry, and what’s in store for the Mexican in 2024

Emanuele Pirro
McLaren development driver to developing drivers for McLaren

The kingmaker
Possibly the best team not in F1 celebrates 40 years of success

Pictures of the year
The best images of 2023 from our dazzling array of photographers

Emerson Fittipaldi
On early racing in Europe, two world titles, and Nigel Mansell...

F1 uncovered
On the grid with Haas

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